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Dewi Saraswati Hindu Goddess of science and beauty fine art painting


Dewi Saraswati fine art paintingThe Hindu Goddess of Science and Beauty, Dewi Saraswati, holding a chain of beads and a lontar (a script written on palm leaves).
The name Saraswati came from "Saras" meaning flow and "wati" meaning a women. So, Saraswati is symbol of knowledge, its flow (or growth) is like a river and knowledge is very interesting, like a beautiful women.

Saraswati is the Goddess of Knowledge, symbolized by a beautiful woman with four hands, riding on a white swan among water lilies to tell humanity that science is like a beautiful woman. Her hands hold a palm leaf; a lontar, (a Balinese traditional book which is the source of science or knowledge); a chain (genitri with 108 pieces) symbolising that knowledge is never ending and has an everlasting life cycle; and a musical instrument (guitar or wina) symbolising that science develops through the growth of culture. The swans symbolise prudence, so that one's knowledge may distinguish between good and evil and the water lilies (Lotus) are symbols of holiness. The Lotus flower is the holiest for Balinese.

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Art is an integral of Balinese life.

This tour will satisfy your curiosity of timeless Balinese art and architecture.First stop at the village of Singapadu, where you can see how the Balinese live in their traditional village compounds and observe the old architecture style of houses in Bali. Then visit the village Kamasan and watch the artists at work as they make traditional Kamasan Style paintings. This is one of the oldest Balinese painting styles consisting of two dimensional “wayang” puppets painted on cotton. These used to be commissioned as decorations for palaces or temples. We will take you to see the famous sample of Kamasan style, the splendid ceiling murals at the Kertagosa Hall of Justice, which portray the heaven and hell. After Kertha Gosa Hall of Justice, discover the 11-tier thatched roof Pura Kehen Temple with its unique architecture. It is located on a hillside providing a good view of the town of Bangli. On the way back we will pass by the village of Panglipuran and then observe how the famous Batik are made in Tohpati.

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